The WAVE Hammock by Erik Nyberg and Gustav Ström

I have just found another cute exemple for the Swedish designers excellent works. Generally, furniture made of aluminium is not really my cup of tea, but of course, there are exeptions. Like this outdoor hammock:

It has been raining since last Friday, so this picture is like a dream for me these wet working days! I like the color and the shape! The form is composed only by a few of curved lines, but the effect is simply great!

Oh, and I absolutely love this kind of doggy with the light soft hair!

origin: Royal Botania


  1. oh i like this! i could totally hang out in that.. in the sunshine or rain.. does it rain alot in zurich? i have always wanted to visit :)

  2. It rains a lot in Zurich. We are on the north side of the Alps. But the city itself is charming! It worths visiting!