Our trip to Köln, Germany

I already mentioned that it was my first time to Köln, and I didn´t know too much of the city. But it turned out to be a nice place. Despite the fact that 95% of its buildings were totally destroyed during the II. World War, it does have a charm. Only this cathedral that you can see on the pictures survived even if its total neighborhood was in ruins.
I would say that this church itself worth visiting Köln. It is amazing! Huge! Each square meters are laced or stuccoed. Compelling, impressive and astonishing.

There are a lot of parks and green areas in the city.

Of course, Germany is in football fever these days! :-)

We were the guests of a some friends. The husband is a doctor of physics and the wife is a fashion designer. They were incredibly friendly and charming with their 3 cute kids. We had a very good time!

They took us to a party at their friends place who is a big fun of arts. This statue greeted us at the entry of his home. Then I stopped taking pictures, I was too busy to get to know the actresses, photographers, musicians, professors, doctors and painters from everywhere who were there. 

It is difficult to say if it is because of the nice and interesting people we met, or because of the town itself, but we spent 3 magnificent days in Germany!


  1. I have been to Köln. I went about 4 years ago while studying in Germany. The cathedral is absolutely amazing and the thing I remember most about the city. Thanks for sharing some great photos!

  2. That cathedral looks amazing and all the photos are beautiful..I really should visit Koln:)
    Have a wonderful Tuesday, darling!

  3. I've not been to this part of Germany. One day I will!

  4. These pictures are absolutely stunning, and the last one of the cathedral is totally out of this world!