Innsbruck, Austria

One of my best friends lives in Eastern Austria. It is very complicated to see each other, because we don't always go back to Hungary at the same time, and the number of free days is limited. That is why we decided to meet on half way between Eastern Austria and Zürich. We choose the city of Innsbruck. Innsbruck is the capital of the federal state of Tyrol in Western Austria.

So, Saturday morning I drove to Innsbruck. It took me 4 hours to get there by car.
It is not a big town (120 000 inhabitants), but its historical center is relative big to its size. It is very pleasant to walk around among the baroque, classic, and traditional tiroler buildings. We even found some gothic monuments.
The arcitecture is already charming in itself, but the fact that the town is surrounded by almost 3000 m high mountains of the Tiroler Alps makes the complete view stunning, amazing and special.
Even if it is not a big city, it was full of life during the night, too. (In countries like Switzerland and Austria, generally, the nightlife is more hidden.) We found nice places to have a party. The restaurants were also good! I was really sad to return on Sunday. I will be always ready to go back!


  1. Absolutely stunning post!!!-)*
    You photos here is just SOooo lively,ful of sun and great summer...

    You looks very pretty young lady,totaly inspirational:-)))*


  2. Jaj de szep!!!! Nekem is meg kell neznem elobb utobb! :) Na majd a kovetkezo sieleskor! :D


  3. lovely.. i've never been there so thanks for sharing these photos! :D

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  4. That sounds and looks so pretty and great! You look so cute in that dress..Fantastic photos:) Have a great Thursday and see you soon:)

  5. All these photos are wonderful! It looks like a beautiful place where I'd like to take a Summer break.

  6. Gorgeous pictures. You guys look so happy!

  7. Great photos! It looks like a lovely trip!