Last week-end I went into the city center because I was keen on some sweets. So I took my german book, and I sat in a coffee shop to eat some good cake. But to profit of the sunny Sunday, I walked around a little bit and took sme pictures. Zürich has such a friendly calm catacter when the wheater is nice! It is a mixture between a multicultural city and a historical village.


Giveaway on Gypsy*Diaries

I have found one of the most interesting giveaways I have ever found on the blogosphere.
It is a nice possibility to win a book decorated by gorgeous pictures and essays about being a woman.

As for me, I am a civil engineer for a living, but I like to be girlish. I love mountain climbing, rowing, but also sewing or decoration. I admire arts, but sometimes I like to be very objective. I could continue this infinite list for a while. But the essential is that it is interesting to discuss what it means to be a woman these times! There is a lot of change, but some things stay the same...

You can find the link here: http://gypsy-diaries.blogspot.com/2010/09/we-are-women-giveaway.html

Hello World! I'm back!

I am sure that summer is not a saison to spend in the room or in front of the computer. But I assume I overreacted this a bit on this blog...

Anyway, let's say I was where the rainbow ended, and I have just came back!

Martigny, Switzerland, last week