My camera

I bought this compact camera this spring. It is a good solution to have always something with me, because it is small and light, so it always fits in my bag. But I think the objectiv is very good for its size. I definitely want to buy a serious one, but I take my time to save money for it, because I want then a really good one. I am going to keep this to have it in my bag just for the case, and use the new (bigger, heavier) one if I want to dedicate the day to take pictures.


Tarasp II

I spent the last three weeks in the Alps. Even if I stayed there for work, luckily, I had some time to discover the area and to take some pictures. I was in the magnificent Graubünden Kanton (region) what was known for its untouched beauty. This small village Tarasp where the hotel was is a place totaly dedicated to the golf and outdoor mountain sports. I don't know what people do in those villages, when the weather is ugly because there is nothing just national parks. But fortunately I didn't have to try it, because it was always shiny (South slopes of the Alps). I let the photos speak even if they are just the faded copy of the real landscape: