My camera

I bought this compact camera this spring. It is a good solution to have always something with me, because it is small and light, so it always fits in my bag. But I think the objectiv is very good for its size. I definitely want to buy a serious one, but I take my time to save money for it, because I want then a really good one. I am going to keep this to have it in my bag just for the case, and use the new (bigger, heavier) one if I want to dedicate the day to take pictures.


Tarasp II

I spent the last three weeks in the Alps. Even if I stayed there for work, luckily, I had some time to discover the area and to take some pictures. I was in the magnificent Graubünden Kanton (region) what was known for its untouched beauty. This small village Tarasp where the hotel was is a place totaly dedicated to the golf and outdoor mountain sports. I don't know what people do in those villages, when the weather is ugly because there is nothing just national parks. But fortunately I didn't have to try it, because it was always shiny (South slopes of the Alps). I let the photos speak even if they are just the faded copy of the real landscape:





Last week-end I went into the city center because I was keen on some sweets. So I took my german book, and I sat in a coffee shop to eat some good cake. But to profit of the sunny Sunday, I walked around a little bit and took sme pictures. Zürich has such a friendly calm catacter when the wheater is nice! It is a mixture between a multicultural city and a historical village.


Giveaway on Gypsy*Diaries

I have found one of the most interesting giveaways I have ever found on the blogosphere.
It is a nice possibility to win a book decorated by gorgeous pictures and essays about being a woman.

As for me, I am a civil engineer for a living, but I like to be girlish. I love mountain climbing, rowing, but also sewing or decoration. I admire arts, but sometimes I like to be very objective. I could continue this infinite list for a while. But the essential is that it is interesting to discuss what it means to be a woman these times! There is a lot of change, but some things stay the same...

You can find the link here: http://gypsy-diaries.blogspot.com/2010/09/we-are-women-giveaway.html

Hello World! I'm back!

I am sure that summer is not a saison to spend in the room or in front of the computer. But I assume I overreacted this a bit on this blog...

Anyway, let's say I was where the rainbow ended, and I have just came back!

Martigny, Switzerland, last week


Innsbruck, Austria

One of my best friends lives in Eastern Austria. It is very complicated to see each other, because we don't always go back to Hungary at the same time, and the number of free days is limited. That is why we decided to meet on half way between Eastern Austria and Zürich. We choose the city of Innsbruck. Innsbruck is the capital of the federal state of Tyrol in Western Austria.

So, Saturday morning I drove to Innsbruck. It took me 4 hours to get there by car.
It is not a big town (120 000 inhabitants), but its historical center is relative big to its size. It is very pleasant to walk around among the baroque, classic, and traditional tiroler buildings. We even found some gothic monuments.
The arcitecture is already charming in itself, but the fact that the town is surrounded by almost 3000 m high mountains of the Tiroler Alps makes the complete view stunning, amazing and special.
Even if it is not a big city, it was full of life during the night, too. (In countries like Switzerland and Austria, generally, the nightlife is more hidden.) We found nice places to have a party. The restaurants were also good! I was really sad to return on Sunday. I will be always ready to go back!


My diabolic guitar player at a Swedish Midsummer party

My boyfriend has 3 guitars. After mentioning this fact, it is obvious that he could not stop playing during the barbecue on Friday, and everybody loved him for this!

Actually, it turned out that we were celebrating the longest day of the year. An Italian friend of us has a Swedish girlfriend and in Sweden, it is a national free day to celebrate. So, she decided to adapt the traditions of her country to Zürich and it was a very good idea. This celebration is about singing, collecting flowers, eating fish together and playing funny games. And of course, a reason to drink spirits from the North! We went home from the riverside at 2 in the morning and I had to wake up at 6 to drive to Innsbruck, but I don´t mind it at all! It was such a fun!


"Sheep dotted" Swiss mountain

Once went on a biketour in the mountains. We crossed through a long valley. The ascents were full of sheeps, but for the first sight, they seemed to be only dots on the mountains. The most charming part of this landscape is that there are bells on the sheeps and they trinkle all the time. Our trip was animated constantly by music made by sheeps. It was so lovely!

Good morning Everyone!

This week I have been quite busy, so I couldn't find too much time to be on the internet. I have had a lot of work and luckily, after 2 weeks of rain, we can finally enjoy the sun!
My broken big toe doesn't need fixing anymore, so I can start to do sports. Of course, in a moderate way at first. In the last few days, I went for some short runs and I did a 50 km bike tour around a lake close to our place. I feel so much better that I am allowed to move! My body is full of endorphine again!

Warm weather means freedom for me. I like the possibility of spending the nights and the evenings outside! I enjoy the outdoor places! No matter if it is in the wild nature or an outdoor coffeeshop in the city. Fortunately, this week I had both! And today, I am going to spend the evening on a small island on the river in order to enjoy a barbecue with friends.

Apparently, the Swiss summer is finally starting and I am looking forward to it!
My main projet for this season is to continue to discover the Swiss Alps. Here is photo from last year:

What about your projets for this summer?


Dear readers of mine!

Thank you very much for your nice comments! It is really touching to get your kind and incentive messages! It means a lot for me!

I wish a very happy Wednesday evening for everybody!


Our trip to Köln, Germany

I already mentioned that it was my first time to Köln, and I didn´t know too much of the city. But it turned out to be a nice place. Despite the fact that 95% of its buildings were totally destroyed during the II. World War, it does have a charm. Only this cathedral that you can see on the pictures survived even if its total neighborhood was in ruins.
I would say that this church itself worth visiting Köln. It is amazing! Huge! Each square meters are laced or stuccoed. Compelling, impressive and astonishing.

There are a lot of parks and green areas in the city.

Of course, Germany is in football fever these days! :-)

We were the guests of a some friends. The husband is a doctor of physics and the wife is a fashion designer. They were incredibly friendly and charming with their 3 cute kids. We had a very good time!

They took us to a party at their friends place who is a big fun of arts. This statue greeted us at the entry of his home. Then I stopped taking pictures, I was too busy to get to know the actresses, photographers, musicians, professors, doctors and painters from everywhere who were there. 

It is difficult to say if it is because of the nice and interesting people we met, or because of the town itself, but we spent 3 magnificent days in Germany!