I discovered an international mistake. There is a Hungarian dish called "gulyás" but it is something different in Hungary then Western European people know it in general.

If I follow my grandmothers recipe, I have to start with these ingredients:

And after 2 hours of cooking, I get this soup. OK, I admit that it just looks like a soup... But believe me, everybody who tasted it wanted for more! I have already tested people from all around the world! It is really yummy!

So, the international mistake is that in this part of Europe everybody knows it as a casserole, as you can see it in this instant food bag that I discovered recently in supermarket:

We also have a similar dish then this one on the picture, too. But it has a different name and I would never ever cook it from powder!

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  1. I went to Budapest around twelve years ago, I was really impressed what a beautiful city, when I was there it still looked as if it was recovering from all the turmoil, I bet it has changed a lot since then, anyway I went to a little restaurant, In the old quarter in Pest, at least I think it was Pest and had Gulyas and it was delicious.