Good morning Everyone!

This week I have been quite busy, so I couldn't find too much time to be on the internet. I have had a lot of work and luckily, after 2 weeks of rain, we can finally enjoy the sun!
My broken big toe doesn't need fixing anymore, so I can start to do sports. Of course, in a moderate way at first. In the last few days, I went for some short runs and I did a 50 km bike tour around a lake close to our place. I feel so much better that I am allowed to move! My body is full of endorphine again!

Warm weather means freedom for me. I like the possibility of spending the nights and the evenings outside! I enjoy the outdoor places! No matter if it is in the wild nature or an outdoor coffeeshop in the city. Fortunately, this week I had both! And today, I am going to spend the evening on a small island on the river in order to enjoy a barbecue with friends.

Apparently, the Swiss summer is finally starting and I am looking forward to it!
My main projet for this season is to continue to discover the Swiss Alps. Here is photo from last year:

What about your projets for this summer?


  1. I amabsolutely a big fan of the Swiss Alps,my dear,dear Friend...
    You photo looks amazingly nice:-)*
    I would like visiting Alps in augest!


  2. Wow, that photo is stunning! I am just so jealous that you live in such a beautiful and inspiring place and I love that you make the most of it. Have fun at the coffee shops and BBQ's. I will be working most of the weekend but today we are going to the beach! Have a great one