My trip to Marrakech I.

I read so many different, but always very extrem opinions about Marrakech that made me very curious about this city.

So, last week I drove to Milan in order to fly to Marrakech. Unfortunately, I only had 4 days to discover the city. There was another disadvantageous factor: my big toe was broken,and it limited my capacity to walk a lot. But it doesn’t unnerved me to travel, I just saw a bit less then I wanted.

Since it was a spontaneous idea what occurred me just recently, I travelled alone with a backpack. I was totally conscious about the fact that it wasn’t easy to get by alone in an arabesque city, but it just made me more curious about it.

Arriving to Marrakech is fabulous! The so-called Red City looks from the sky like a scale-modell cut out from one peace of brick, scattered with flowers. The way from the airport to the city center is also gorgeous! The road is bordered by roses, palm trees and olive trees. It really feels like arriving to a big, rich and fruitful oasis.

After taking off from the airport bus, it is like dropping in to Super Mario’s role in a video game. There are many things coming from everywhere and I have to be very careful and move quickly to not to be hit or harassed by them. I really enjoyed this chaos! (At least after living for a while in Switzerland, it seemed to be a chaos for me.)It was so refreshing after the very strict Swiss mentality!

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