I have spent the most of my life in Budapest. Even if I like to discover new places, I really like my hometown where I grow up.

Me and Budapest, wintertime 2007

Close to my parents house, summer 2008

To study and to work I lived for some time in Paris and in Clermont-Ferrand in France, and in Nicosia in Cyprus. How much I travelled was always just a question of the possibilites, I have been always keen on it. These periods spent abroad made always a huge influence on me, they enriched my mind. That is why I decided to keep the habit of trying to travel a lot.

I had to work hard in Cyprus, 2005

I like sports. I rowed for 10 years. I have never been a very good rower, but rowing made me addicted to be close to the nature, to move, and to be able to fight a bit harder.

My rowing crew after a competition on the podium, 1999

Despite the fact that I am an engineer, I get easily fascinated by arts. It can be literature, painting, modern design, photography, fashion, music or just anything beautiful, contempling art is never enough.

I love daydreaming, drinking good wine, tasting delicious food, hiking in the nature or lying on my couch with a book, listen to the silence or being part of a cavalcade.

This blog is about everything I like, liked, will love, or live... so, see more about me later!

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