Cinque Terre I.

We spent 4 days in the magnificient National Park of Cinque Terre in Italy. It was really beautiful there, but I have to mention that the way to get through Switzerland is also beautiful. (Just 1 exemple:) 

So, this place is called 5 Terre, because it is a long rocky seaside decorated by 5 antique villages. I loved the tarnished charm of these fishermen`s villages built on the rocks. I was so happy to smell the salty air and to see the infinite blue sea from the high rocks. Our house was also built on the rocks.

That is what we saw through our window:

The entry door:

The view from our terrace:

It was a pretty romantic place. I enjoyed to walk around there. Even if the sea was very cold, we could enjoy the water because we bought a boat like this:

We spent hours by sunbathing on the sea in our boat. It looks small, but is more comfortable then it seems to be. :-)  This kayak was a good idea also because I couldn`t walk too much on the stones with my broken toe.

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